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Diagnostic Radiology

Here is a list of the principal examinations carried out within our  team:

Osteoarticular imaging

Standard radiographies, dynamic radiographies with TELOS system, soft tissue ultrasound (muscles, tendons), arthrographies and arthroscan, MRI.



Digestive and endocrinologic imaging

Ultrasound (abdominal, thyroidian) radiographiesof the digestive tract (with or without radio contrast medium: small bowel study, oesophagus study, colic barium enema, check of gastric ring), scan, MRI.



Urological imaging

Ultrasound (kydney, bladder, prostate, testicles), intravenous urography, retrograde cystography, uroscan and uro-MRI.



Pulmonary imaging

Radiography, scan.



Mammary imaging

Mammography, ultrasound, MRI, samplings (macrobiopsy by aspiration, microbiopsy under ultrasound location), stereotactic location, setting up of location clip before a  medico-chirurgical treatment of a breast tumor.



Gynecological imaging

Ultrasound, hystérography, MRI.



Obstetrical imaging

Pregnancy ultrasound.



Pediatric imaging

Ultrasound (of hips, abdominal…), radiography.



Bone mineral density test

Osteoporosis screening.

Information & Appointment


  • Dr Henri BARRACAN
  • Dr Jean-Pierre GURRET
  • Dr Jean-Luc MONTAZEL
  • Dr Chrystèle PAUL-DEVRIES
  • Dr Mickaël PERNODET
  • Dr Guillaume TREHAN
  • Dr Bertrand VACHEROT

Medical practiceMedical practice

Clinique Générale

4, chemin de la Tour la Reine

74000 Annecy

Phone: +33 4 50 45 00 72

E-Mail:  secretariat.radio@free.fr 

Opening hoursOpening hours:

From Monday to Friday: from 8.00 to 19.00

Saturday: from 8.00 to 13.00


Nervous system imaging

MRI, MRI angiography, scan (skull, spinal cord).



ENT imaging

MRI, scan.



Ophtalmological imaging

MRI, scan.



Dental imaging

Radiography (dental panoramic), dental scan before the fitting of implants.



Vascular imaging

Arterial Doppler ultrasound (upper and lower limbs, aorta and its branches, neck vessels), Venous Doppler ultrasound, arteriogram


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